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Established in the beginning of the year 2000 with 100% private owned Romanian capital, Primus Prod S.R.L. company is a part of BALTAG INDUSTRIAL GROUP.
Supported by major investments in people, logistic and up-to-date machines – LONATI and MATEC brands – Primus Prod manufactures and trades cotton and cotton type made knitted socks and stockings for babies, children, men and women.
Our vision is the achievement of QUALITY, which means in the first place orientation toward our customers in order to fulfill their biggest expectations and exigencies.
As a result, during the year 2002, our company put orientation to the customer’s requirements and necessities on the top of all activities.
We have also expanded our distribution chain and we have consolidated the business relationships with our traditional clients. Moreover, opening new domestic and foreign markets is now a high priority activity.
We have a high performance management team composed of young, dynamic and highly trained people supported by a team of designers, engineers, technicians and workers with a rich experience in the field.
The quality of materials along with innovative design of the products and the diversity of chromatic patterns are now confirmed by cooperation not only with national distribution networks such as Billa, Carrefour, Gima, Selgros, but also with traditional customers from Italy and Greece and with partners from France, Germany, Sweden and Ireland.

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